Web & Social Media Adverts/Marketing

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Web & Social Media Adverts/Marketing

Advertising & Marketing businesses, companies or products for owners by publishing and promoting their services to online users/customers.

Web & Social Media Advertisement & Marketing consist of the following:

A. Publishing eye catchy post about the owner's services on all popular social media and our website.

B. Sharing published & sponsored post of the business or company owner's products and services to different groups on different social media all round the globe.

C. Generating an email marketing to targeted email users based on the course for Advertisement/Marketing concerning the products & services of the company or business owner

Select Our Package Plans

Two Months Package
₦8,000 .00
  • Social Media Reached: 500 People
  • Email Marketing Reached: 300 People
  • Website Reached: 200 People
  • Total Reached: 1,000 People
Four Months Package
₦12,000 .00
  • Social Media Reached: 1,000 People
  • Email Marketing Reached: 600 People
  • Website Reached: 400 People
  • Total Reached: 2,000 People
Six Months Package
₦18,000 .00
  • Social Media Reached: 1,500 People
  • Email Marketing Reached: 900 People
  • Website Reached: 600 People
  • Total Reached: 3,000 People
Eight Months Package
₦22,000 .00
  • Social Media Reached: 2,000 People
  • Email Marketing Reached: 1,200 People
  • Website Reached: 800 People
  • Total Reached: 4,000 People
Ten Months Package
₦28,000 .00
  • Social Media Reached: 2,500 People
  • Email Marketing Reached: 1,500 People
  • Website Reached: 1,000 People
  • Total Reached: 5,000 People