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Our Special Adverts/Marketing

Here in our Special Advertisment and Marketing web page, we are creating an avenue where our customers and other web users can get affiliate accounts from other websites who pay users for being an affiliate and also creating a platform where users and our customers can earn income online from genuine websites that pays individual for using their sites.

Affiliate Websites

Qservers - Web Hosting

Qservers - Web Hosting is a web hosting website that pays you off, the sum of ₦500 on every referrals of web developers that signs up to host their web code when you sign up and become an affiliate.

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AppCreator24 is an Apk (Android) app creator website with a life time free account that pays web developers for becoming their affiliates.

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TSWorld Affiliation

TSWorld Affiliation is a life time affiliated programme, whereby our web or mobile app users get paid and rewarded for referring customers to subscribe to our services.

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BulkSMSNigeria is a website & mobile app that sends bulk SMS messages to all networks in Nigeria and over 600 networks worldwide.It provides free and Premium Bulk SMS Service in Nigeria and across the world and slso delivers messages to all active numbers, including DND numbers with Real-time Delivery Reports.

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Income Earning Websites

The Weekly Income

The Weekly Income is actually an online platform that pays user for performing certain task.

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The Weekly Income is an online platform that pays user for using their browsing data to search anything on google for a day and then going back to validate the data used.

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Skills Income Earning & Learning Programmes

TY Skills

Teens & Youth Skills is an income earning programme that is powered by The Standout World Company Worldwide to erdicate poverty and unemployment in Teenagers and Youths, helping them to start earning income from any skills they have or learning new skills in order to make more income.

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