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Our Job Vacancies

Here in our Job Vacancy web page, we are creating an avenue where our customers and web/app users can search for jobs vacancies for themselves or request for it and we are also trying to eradicate unemployment in todays society.

Online Job Search Websites

My JobMag

My jobMag's goal is to solve the fundamental employment challenge in Africa which cuts across employer-employee quality and discovery. From internship coaching, career counselling, training to personalized job discovery, we are everything to the candidate. We made checking newspapers obsolete while going a step further to prepare candidates for the open jobs and workplace. MyJobMag is neither a "normal" job listing platform nor just another HR company, but a career company leveraging technology to solve human resources and education needs in Africa; hence, increasing profitability from both personal and corporate perspectives.

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Jobberman was founded in 2009, Jobberman started as a recruitment and job search platform but has grown into an all-encompassing career platform offering online career advice, personalised HR solutions for both individuals and institutions as well as training services for jobseekers. Jobberman Nigeria forms part of the investment portfolio of The African Talent Company.

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Hot Nigerian Jobs

Hotnigerianjobs is not just a Job Portal, they are presently building a highly interactive and dynamic online destination for Nigerians worldwide to collaborate, interact, get informed and exchange ideas on career issues.
HNJ provides you with a wealth of resources to help you grow your career or business. Information is Power! we expose opportunities you may never know existed. It is truly up to you as an individual to determine the level of your success by flying on the information and platform we provide for you.

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Jobs Directly From Us (TSWorld)

Jobs directly from us are job vacancies that we take our place to search for you. So in order to let us make the search for you, you will need to make a non-refundable payment of ₦1,500 to us first before we proceed on searching for a job vacancy for you

Steps On How To Procced.

Step 1: Click on the "Request For Job Vacancies" button you see at the end of this steps.
Step 2: Fill in the online form that appears after you have clicked on the "Request For Job Vacancies" button.
Step 3: Click on the "Proceed Payment" button you have seen at the end of the online form you filled.

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