Face-to-Face Adverts/Marketing

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Face-to-Face Adverts/Marketing

Advertising & Marketing businesses, companies or products for owners by having a direct contact and expressing self to their esteem customers.

Face-to-Face Advertisement & Marketing consist of the following:

A. Giving out business, company or products owner's handbills/flyers to met customers.

B. Also handing over business cards of owners to the customers met.

C. Having a close and direct interactions with either a person or a group of people towards the description of the business, company or product owner's services.

Select Our Package Plans

Two Months Package
₦10,000 .00
  • People Reached: 100 People
  • Bulk Sms Reached: 400 People
  • Total Reached: 500 People
Four Months Package
₦20,000 .00
  • People Reached: 200 People
  • Bulk Sms Reached: 800 People
  • Total Reached: 1,000 People
Six Months Package
₦30,000 .00
  • People Reached: 300 People
  • Bulk Sms Reached: 1,200 People
  • Total Reached: 1,500 People
Eight Months Package
₦40,000 .00
  • People Reached: 400 People
  • Bulk Sms Reached: 1,600 People
  • Total Reached: 2,000 People
Ten Months Package
₦50,000 .00
  • People Reached: 500 People
  • Bulk Sms Reached: 2,000 People
  • Total Reached: 2,500 People