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Our Cheap Data

Our cheap data plans are long lasting monthly data subscription for any network of your choice. Once you have made payment, call +234 (0) 806-421-5998 to activate your data instantly.
Please note that; if you buy our cheap data from 12am to 6am, you may likely not get it instantly to your mobile number.

Airtel Data (NG)

Data Plan (Monthly)
₦300 500mb
₦500 1gb
₦1,000 2gb
₦2,200 5gb
₦3,000 10gb
₦5,000 20gb
₦7,950 25gb

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9Mobile Data (NG)

Data Plan (Monthly)
₦500 500mb
₦1,000 1gb
₦1,200 2gb
₦1,500 3gb
₦2,000 4.6gb
₦3,800 11gb
₦4,750 15gb
₦9,400 40gb
₦14,100 75gb

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Glo Data (NG)

Data Plan (Monthly)
₦500 1.35gb
₦960 2.9gb
₦1,450 4.1gb
₦1,900 5.8gb
₦2,360 7.7gb
₦2,850 10gb
₦3,850 13.25gb
₦4,700 18.25gb

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MTN Data (NG)

Data Plan (Monthly)
₦100 200mb
₦180 500mb
₦300 1gb
₦600 2gb
₦850 3gb
₦1,380 5gb
₦2,750 10gb
₦4,080 15gb
₦4,950 20gb

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