Business Consultation Services

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Our Business Consultation Services

Our Business Consultation Services helps you to start-up your own business with your explained idea(s) to us, we added this service because we want to serve you more better and we also want to help you out with difficulties of how to go on with a business. Kindly check our package plans for this service below.

Select Our Package Plans

Start-up Business One
₦3,000 .00
  • Business Name & Slogan.
Start-up Business Two
₦6,000 .00
  • Business Name, Slogan & Logo.
Start-up Business Three
₦40,000 .00
  • Business Name, Slogan,
  • Logo & Business Registration Certificate.
Start-up Business Four
₦45,000 .00
  • Business Name, Slogan,
  • Logo, Business Registration Certificate & Tax Identification Certificate.
Start-up Business Five
₦80,000 .00
  • Business Name, Slogan,
  • Logo, Business Registration Certificate, Tax Identification Certificate, Bank Account, Website & Mobile App.