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About Us

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About The Standout World

The Standout World Company Worldwide is a registered Nigerian based advertisement & marketing organization that was established on the 1st day of January, 2020, by Mr. David E. Effiom - the Founder and CEO, with the sole aims of:
1. Giving an 100% assurance of connecting with customers.
2. Helping to promote young growing businesses or companies.
3. Providing satisfactory services to customers.

On our path of being creative, we added some other multiple services such as Information and Communication Technology (I.C.T) Services, Business Consultation Services and Web Store Services for our valued clients, offering the very best to them.

Our Brief History

The history of The Standout World could be traced back to the year 2018 when the whole idea and planning of it was brought by Mr. David Effiom.

The whole planning and strategy on how to begin this organization lasted up to November, 2019 and on December, 2019, a full certainty and decision was made for it to be established on the 1st Day of January, 2020 with about three (3) team members who were by names called; Ms. Maureen Effiom as the Customer Care Service Personnel, Mr. David Ita as the Assistant Customer Care Service Personnel and Ms. Hodo Ndam as the Advertisement/Marketing Representative, who later left at some point.

On the first full one year and eight months (I.e: 2020 to August, 2021) it wasn't really easy trying to grow this organization, untill sometime in September, 2021 that light began to shine on this great organization, through the help of expanding the scope and services of it.

Currently, there are about nine (9) team members who are effortlessly working together to see this organization grow, they can be identified on the above image.

Our Vision

The Standout World will be the leading and preferred advertisement/marketing and business consultation company in the world, providing quality and rapid services for any growing or existing company.

Our Mission

To create an inclusive avenue that makes it easy for Business, Company or Product Owners to gain access in reaching their esteemed customers all round the world at large.

Our Team Members


David Effiom

Founder & CEO


Hala Hagras



David Ita

Customer Service


God'spower Effiong

Assisstant Customer Service


Regina Ogenyi

Advertisement/Marketing Representative


Margaret Effiom

Advertisement/Marketing Representative

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